About Us

CapEQ™ is a driven, passionate team of strategists, consultants, investors, entrepreneurs, social change agents, and operations professionals. We’re also explorers, evangelists, and pragmatic optimists. We inspire each other with our positivity, persistence, insights, and expectations – and with the progress and partnerships, we make every day. Collectively, we have launched and led successful efforts everywhere from the White House to Fortune 50 companies. But for all the achievements each of us has behind us, it is the future that truly excites us – the idea that together, we can change business and the world for good!
CapEQ™ has an extensive network of experienced cross-sector leaders. By working with CapEQ™, our partners tap into a deep bench of independent consultants with decades of expertise and accomplishments in their respective fields. That said, every bench has a starting lineup. Meet our leadership team!

Our Team

Tynesia Boyea-Robinson

President and CEO

Toria Frederick

Growth and Brand Strategist

Nikki Berte

Impact and Human Capital Strategist

Dionne Gumbs

Growth and Investment Strategist

Jeff Raderstrong

Marketing Strategist

Kai Stowers

Leadership and Team Coaching

Enisha Shropshire

Project Manager

DiMonique Daniels

Project Manager

Nia K. Davis


Rachael Carter

Project Coordinator

Skye Osunde


Casey Recupero


Asia Downer